From Goa to Cafayate

Hi, everyone.

It’s been longer than expected before I’ve been able to write this blog. I’ve been very busy and haven’t had the chance before now. For about ten days ago I made the decision to leave Goa and head to Cafayate in northern Argentina.

Why did I make that decision? A good question. I had a great time in Goa, I met wonderful people who I’ll easily call friends. But India wasn’t as I expected it to be. The culture and way of living was too different from what I’m used to. But wasn’t that the reason why I went, to experience a new culture and to see and learn things that are unique? Yes it was, but one can’t always prepare for the reactions one will have when encountering unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances. Anyways, Goa and India was an incredible experience, and I haven’t yet reflected over all that I experienced there. The reason why I chose to go to Argentina and Cafayate is that I’ve heard a lot of good things about the two, and I came in contact with a Resort Manager at a gated community called La Estancia De Cafayate while I was in Goa. The place looked amazing( and there seemed to be good job opportunities in store if I went. And I was right. I’ve now been in several interviews at La Estancia, and I’ll most likely start to work soon. Right now it’s low season, but they’re interested in my service as a masseur when more people start coming in a few months time. In the mean time I’ll work where I can, and there’s opportunities for part-time jobs and such until the high season starts. La Estancia De Cafayate is a beautiful place, and they have a great fitness club with a beautiful spa combined. It’s just the kind of place I want to be.

Well, to explain why I choose to travel around the globe to work, and to work for less money than what I’m used to, is that I’ve long been thinking about living somewhere else than Norway. Ever since I worked as a bartender in Greece for a summer six years ago, and after several other travels to warm places, living abroad has long been on my mind. And I chose to do it now, while I had the chance.

I haven’t regretted it a second that I made the decision to go to Cafayate. And I will stay here for a while to work, evolve as a masseur and evolve in other areas, aswell.

Cafayate is surrounded by amazing mountains and the city lies on long and wide fields in the middle of a beautiful valley. I, who love mountains, couldn’t dream of a better place to spend time outdoors. Today I went on a 4 hour long hike in a small valley just vest of the city. This place has an incredible nature, and it’s a mixture between desert landscapes and lush forests, it’s quite interesting to see two meter high cacti and even higher trees(trees like the ones usually seen in the northern hemisphere) growing side by side. It’s possible that two floras meet in this place, I’m not sure, but it’s nice. And this place has water streams as pure as the ones in Norway at it’s best.

I now stay in a hostel in the center of Cafayate(Cafayate Backpackers Hostel), where I’ve got a good deal for staying for a month. I’ll be at the hostel until I find a nice little apartement. At the moment there’s a lot of nice young people coming and going at the Hostel, so I’m not complaining. Most of the people here speak Spanish, so that’s something I’m learning aswell.

The reason why I’ve been too busy to write anything the last couple of weeks is because I was robbed on the streets of Buenos Aires by a group of clever thieves. This accured in broad daylight. I won’t go into too much detail to tell you about it. But while walking on the street, like any European tourist, suddenly a young guy at approximately my age taps me on my shoulder and points at my backpack, which seemingly had fresh bird shit on it. This “bird shit” was of course some sort of fluid that the thieves had sprayed on me, without me noticing it. The guy that tapped my shoulder offered to help me by handing me a piece of paper cloth to wipe it of. When I, in good faith, put my backpack down to wipe the “stuff” of my pants and shoes, and had my attention away from the backpack one second, the backpack got stolen. When I looked up and realized that my backpack was gone, my “good helper” left the place in a hurry, and I couldn’t spot my backpack anywhere.

It is not my intention to spread fear about walking in the streets of Buenos Aires. Buenos Aires is the most amazing and beautiful city I’ve ever been in. But one tip for the road: never carry almost all of your valuables with you if you go out. Yes, I lost my laptop, a bunch of money, my cellphone, my expensive Canon digital camera and my passport. Thanks to great people at the Norwegian embassy in Buenos Aires, I could get an emergency passport to travel to Salta by plane the next day. Thanks to a good norwegian insurance I will be ok financially.

As you might suspect I’ve been quite busy sorting things out since I arrived in Cafayate.

I want to thank all my friends and family who have been backing me and supporting me in leaving Norway and situating myself in Cafayate.

Are you in Cafayate and would like to contact me? Please do so at

I’ll write a new blog soon.

Until then,

hasta luego.


La Estancia De Cafayate

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